Automation or AND forumula to create last modified field

Hi all. I’d like an automation so when two columns show specific criteria (e.g. KNOWN CLIENT and PRODUCTS) this creates an entry in a third column with “PRODUCTS NEWSLETTER”. I’d then like a further column showing when “PRODUCTS NEWSLETTER” was added (i.e. last modified). I need this as it’ll run a Zapier automation and input the customer data into Mailchimp. I had successfully created an AND formula but this didn’t seem to link to a ‘last modified’. I’m trying automation but I don’t understand the steps. Can anyone help? Thanks so much.

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Correct. The “Last modified time” field type only responds to editable fields, and formulas are a calculated field type. The same goes for the LAST_MODIFIED_TIME() function. This is definitely doable via an automation, though. The automation can change editable fields, meaning that its changes can be tracked by those last-modified options.

Create a new automation with a “When record matches conditions” trigger. Choose the table where the triggering actions will occur, and add two conditions that match the criteria you want; e.g. one field contains “KNOWN CLIENT”, and another contains “PRODUCTS” (if I’m reading your details correctly). Pick a sample record and set those values, then test the trigger to make sure that it works.

Next add an Update record action. Choose the same table, and for the “Record ID” option, do the following:

  • Click the “+” button
  • Click “Continue” on the line that reads “Record (from Step 1: When record matches conditions)”
  • Under “Properties,” hover over the line that says “Airtable record ID,” then click “Insert” on that line.

Under “Fields,” click “Choose field”, pick the field where you want “PRODUCTS NEWSLETTER” to appear, and enter that text into the field. Click “Run test” to confirm that it does what you want. Assuming that all goes well, turn on the automation.

Now add a “Last modified time” field and target the field where “PRODUCTS NEWSLETTER” appears. For your test record, it should show when that field was modified by the automation.

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Thanks Justin, I’d nearly got there by myself but this makes it really clear and clarifies what I was doing right and where I needed help. Thanks so much for your speedy reply to my first eve post. Much appreciated!

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