Automation ran sucessfully but it's not working

Please i need help…I created an automation setup yesterday
The trigger is when there is a check box a new record is created in another table tested and sync the records to be created and the field
The automation ran sucessfully and records where created yesterday but today it’s no more creating records and it shows ran sucessfully

Please i really need help

The goal if when i check the box in opportunity table…that record goes to phases table

Hi @Airtablenewbie101
It’s seems like everything you setup correctly.
Add it also creating records but you put a filter in this view and that’s why it’s not showing in this view.
Remove the filter then you will able to see that row


I’m having the opposite problem: I need an automation that, when there is a new record received in one table, to check a box with the matching ID in another table.

I have a “Repair Order” table that, when the balance = $0, sends out a Cust Survey. The ‘Survey’ is identified by the “RO#”.

I then have the “Survey Results” table.

So when a new ‘survey’ is received, match the “RO” numbers and check “Survey Received” checkbox in the “Repair Order” table.

All the sudden I can’t think of a flow for the automation!?!



Hey all, I’d appreciate it if someone would jump in here…