Automation runs before input is completed

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I have a problem that I feel should have an obvious solution: I’d like to set up an Automation that normalizes a string value after input by base collaborators. However, the Automation appears to run too early, catching only parts of the input string. (This behavior is not consistent, though: From time to time the Automation will catch the whole string.)

I selected When record updated as trigger and configured it to watch only for changes in a specific field (in my case: Keyword).

Example from the screenshot: The entered text is “Aldi Angebote”, but the Automations appears to run already after the first letters are typed in, so only “Ald” is used as Automation input.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-06-20 um 11.27.42

What’s the best way to solve this problem? Is there a better trigger for this use case that I am missing?

You will need to trigger your automation differently, because unfortunately, Airtable sees any change to the field as an immediate update. One simple keystroke is enough to register as an immediate update. Unfortunately, Airtable never waits until the person leaves the field/record to trigger an automation.

So, in your case, you could create a checkbox field or a single-select field to trigger the automation — these are 2 of the very few reliable ways to trigger an automation in Airtable.

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I was already afraid that something like this would be the only solution - thanks anyway!

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Also note that if you update a record through the API, then you will get your desired effect, because an API sends the full updates at once.

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