Automation Switching Off

When trying to turn on my animation (that is triggered by a google sheet entry) after a few seconds it switches itself off. Does anyone know why this might be?


Welcome to the community, @Emma_Bouissou! :smiley: I’ve never seen an automation switch itself off automatically (that I recall). Have you checked the run log(s) to see if there are any failed runs?

Hi Justin - thanks for getting back to me!

Everything looks normal - when I run the test they run successfully and I have all the values available in my script. Nevertheless, when I switch the automation to the “on” state, sure enough after a few seconds it switches itself off!

Keen to get your thoughts - the sheet is in a private folder - could that be the issue?

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I’m having the exact same problem with an automation linked to a google form.

Actually, just figured it out, at least for me. My Google Sheet was sitting in a Shared Google Drive. And automations don’t support linking to sheets in Shared Drives. I moved the sheet into My Drive and it works fine now.

Thanks for sharing that observation, @David_O_Leary!

@Emma_Bouissou I’ve not yet played with the Google Sheets tie-in myself, so I can’t offer any guidance, but David’s suggestion sounds like it might work.