Automation takes more than 5 seconds to run

Hi, I have simple automation that gets triggered once a record is updated. it populates 4 fields with data.
Simple stuff,
However, the execution time is more than 5 seconds! which is noticeable
I can’t tell what causes the automation to take that much time to execute such a simple task. there is no computation or equation or loop. It just simply fills 4 fields with data. in contrast to apps. where I have a script app that gets executed instantly. if someone could please tell me if there’s something wrong on my end.
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Hmm, I don’t think there’s anything wrong on your end I’m afraid, I think that may be just about how long it takes for the automation to get triggered once you’ve updated the field.

I tested this with an automation with the trigger “When record created” and the action of updating a single field with the letter “a”, and that field gets updated about 3-5 seconds later as well

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In scripting app, the changes are computed on the local computer and are applied optimistically, so a full round trip to Airtable’s servers is not necessary for you to see the changes.

However for an automation, the data triggering the automation must be sent to Airtable’s servers. Airtable’s servers must recognize that the data change triggers the automation. Then the automation must be scheduled to run. Then the results must be sent back to your computer. How long this all takes depends on the load on the servers and the speed of network traffic.

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Thank you for replying.
I believe @kuovonne already provided the full elaboration. and yup now it makes absolute sense why.

Thank you @kuovonne for this elaboration. now it makes sense. looks like I need to find a workaround for this.

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