Automation to add attachment to new record

I am adding records for user profiles. Records are only going to be name and email address until the user logs in to update with additional information.

I have one field set up as an attachment, and a user can upload an image to use as an avatar. I would like to set up a default image as a placeholder.

I have a view in the user table as ‘attachment field is blank’ to filter out the new records without an avatar, and created a separate table with one record that contains the placeholder image in an attachment field.

How do I set up the automation to pull the placeholder image over to the blank attachment field? I was thinking to trigger ‘when record enters a view’ but I can’t figure it out from there.

Thanks for the assistance :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Airtable community!

You can upload the default image in an automation by using a public url for the image. If your image is already an attachment in Airtable, you can find the url using a formula field. Note that this will re-upload the image, so the same image will count against your attachment space multiple times.

what are the specific steps / settings to do that?

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