Automation Trigger: Deleted Record

Airtable Automation Trigger
Add an Airtable Automation trigger event for “when record deleted”.


  1. Filter for records in Table
  2. Filter for records in View
  3. Filter for records deleted by certain collaborators

I second this request. I want to delete an Outlook calendar entry when the associated record is deleted in Airtable.

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Yes, I really, really need to control the deletion of records, and a trigger so I can be notified when someone deletes a record would be invaluable


+1. I’m having to do some unpleasant contortions to work around the lack of this feature.

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+1 Same. Need to delete a calendar entry if the record gets deleted

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Also trying to delete a calendar entry if a record is deleted +1

+1 A bit different. Want to delete calendar entry when record meets conditions

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I can’t find trigger event "“when record deleted”. Could you help me please, thanks.

That trigger does not currently exist.

+1 - This is a huge issue.

+1 - is there any type of work around? a deletion log maybe?

+1 need a record id when records is deleted.