Automation triggered only once for multiple updates to the trigger field within short duration


I have an automation with trigger “When record updated”. In the configuration I am watching only a single field. That field type is “Link to another record” with linking to multiple records enabled.

During testing, I have noticed, if I quickly add (copy/paste) or remove records in this link field then automation is fired only once. For example removing multiple records with few clicks fire automation only once. Similarly pasting multiple records fires automation only once.

Does airtable combines multiple updates and fires automation only once if the updates are within short interval of time?


That’s normal. Pasting multiple values into a field is still one update, so the automation should only fire once.

This however is more iffy. Using Airtable’s UI you can only remove items one at a time, it may have been a conscious decision by Airtable to group deselections in a short time frame as one update since there isn’t really an alternative

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