Automation Update Record Step not working for multiple linked records

Hi there!

I’m having a problem linking records via an Automation.

I have use-case in which there is a “Jobs” table and a “Receipt Submissions” table. Within Airtable, you can link multiple Receipt Sumbissions to a Job. Staff have their own online (“shared”) view of the Jobs table with a filter to show the jobs they are personally assigned to - each row of the table being a separate Job. Staff can click on a link on each record to submit a receipt for expenses they have incurred while doing the job via a form off the Receipts Submissions table. This link passes the Record ID of the Job via the form’s URL to the Receipt Submission form, which prepopulates the Job Record ID. My automation has a step which updates the newly created Receipt Submission record by setting the value of “Jobs” with the passed through Job Record ID. This works perfectly if only one receipt is submitted for a job. If another receipt is submitted, the job is correclty linked, but the link is removed from the previous submnission! Is there a way to “add” rather than “replace” the link in an automation step?