Automation: Update Record to link to multiple records instead of overwriting

I am trying to create an automation that will update a record. I want to add a linked record from one field (Field A) to a different field (Field b). Field A will have only one linked record in it. Field B allows multiple linked records.

Right now, whenever i update the record with the info from Field A, it either overwrites everything that was in Field B or it creates a new linked record that merges the info that was in Field A with the info that was previously in Field B.

Is it possible to automate this kind of update?

thanks for any help!

is this possible?

You should be able to have both fields’ values by putting a comma in between the 2 fields.

First choose Field B’s value, then put a comma, then choose Field A’s value.

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Just check if there is a value in the original linked record field first. If there isn’t a value already, the comma might cause problems. You can use a condition in the automation to check for the existence of prior linked records.

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Great catch! What I wrote above would ONLY work if there was already a pre-existing value. So be sure to use conditions to trap for both situations (pre-existing value & no pre-existing value).

Thank you both for your help. That did it!

For posterity and other non-coders out there, i had to add Field B, one comma, and Field B, with NO SPACES between the comma and the fields. and i created two versions of the same action, one with the condition that Field B is NOT empty and one with the condition that Field B IS empty.

PS: it would be great if Airtable prompted some of this coding help, particularly for those of us who use Airtable specifically because we aren’t coders. it could just be part of the help text for this kind of field when building automations.

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