Automation Using Update a Multi-Select Field

I have an Automation that updates a Multi-Select field in a different table. When the update occurs it over writes what is currently in that field. Each name has a different color.

I want to augment, or add to the existing data in the Multi-Select field not over-write it. Not sure how to approach the problem within Automation.

For Example, a field of user names, each name is in a color bubble separated with a space. Initially the field is updated with the name “John”. A second update to the field with the name of “Tom”. The resultI was expecting is : “John Tom”, or “John, Tom” each name in a different color bubble, but what I get is “Tom” and an empty color bubble.

Any suggestions.

Welcome to the community, @Scott_Jenkins!

You can do this by inserting the current multi-select field (the “names” value) into the field, then adding a comma, then adding the new value.

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Scott, Thanks for the tip. From your tip, it dawned on me I need a Lookup of the field in the table I was wanting to modify.

Somebody just emailed me to ask me about this thread. For those people who are finding this thread through a search, here’s a screenshot of how you can update a multi-select field to include BOTH the previous multi-select values AND the new value:

this is useful!
But when I try this method, it adds a new blank option in my multi select and in the field updated by the automation
Can someone help me with this? :slight_smile:

That means that your field was previously blank before adding the new value. Try swapping the 2 values and see if that solves the problem. So put the “new value” first, then add a comma, then add the multiselect field value last.

Hi, i think i’ve the answer but… Is it possible to remove one of the selected options in a multi select field ?

Something like that :
Before = [Working] [Compiling] [Talking] [Waiting]
After = [Working] [Compiling] [Talking] [Running]

Takes all the selected items from the previous state of the field… Remove one on them (waiting)… And add one another (running)…

Thanks for all

Hmm, how are you triggering the automation to do this?

I think if I were you I might just have a formula field that outputs the options I want selected, and pastes said value into the multiple select field