Automation Using Update a Multi-Select Field

I have an Automation that updates a Multi-Select field in a different table. When the update occurs it over writes what is currently in that field. Each name has a different color.

I want to augment, or add to the existing data in the Multi-Select field not over-write it. Not sure how to approach the problem within Automation.

For Example, a field of user names, each name is in a color bubble separated with a space. Initially the field is updated with the name “John”. A second update to the field with the name of “Tom”. The resultI was expecting is : “John Tom”, or “John, Tom” each name in a different color bubble, but what I get is “Tom” and an empty color bubble.

Any suggestions.

Welcome to the community, @Scott_Jenkins!

You can do this by inserting the current multi-select field (the “names” value) into the field, then adding a comma, then adding the new value.

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Scott, Thanks for the tip. From your tip, it dawned on me I need a Lookup of the field in the table I was wanting to modify.

Somebody just emailed me to ask me about this thread. For those people who are finding this thread through a search, here’s a screenshot of how you can update a multi-select field to include BOTH the previous multi-select values AND the new value: