Automations between Airtable and Google Sheets

I am trying to generate my table responses in a google sheet however I am finding when I submit a new entry it sometimes enters twice on sheets and when i go to edit an entry, it will add a new entry as opposed to altering the initial one.

Any help on sorting this out will be appreciated!

The Google Sheets action only supports adding a new row.

If you need to update an existing row, you would have to turn to (a) custom scripting or (b) external automation tools which are low-code.

Personally, I like using (formerly known as Integromat) for these purposes.

I am also an Expert+ Partner of Integromat/Make, so if you need help with implementing this and you have a budget for your project, feel free to reach out to me through my website at

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Hey @George_Kimpton-Moss -

We have 2 helpful Google Sheets functions in our On2Air Actions app that can do more than the basic Google Sheets integration in Airtable.

The 1st - Google Sheets Export - allows you to set up a template in Google Sheets and it will automatically add your Airtable data based on whatever trigger you set.

The 2nd is a full Airtable to Google Sheets sync where it will sync your entire table each time.

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This sounds fantastic, are you able to message me directly and we can discuss having this implemented?

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Yes, will do. Thanks