Automations - improve emails

  1. Emails sent through AUTOMATIONS are double-spaced. It looks awful. Why is it done this way?
  2. I also think that the emails coming out of AUTOMATIONS should offer some conditional coding. For example, if the value of A is ‘x’ then display field B, otherwise display field C. I know I can handle that with an AirTable field that contains the value I want to display but I end up with sooooo many fields in AirTable. In fact, I already had to create several ‘automations-related’ fields strictly because of lookup fields.
  3. Another idea would be to allow more formatting options within the email message. Why not offer color or highlighting or underlining?
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You could do that by adding a Script Action step before your Email step.

I’ve raised this issue repeatedly by suggesting that actual fields should also support formulas only to be shot down or dismissed every time. It’s clearly an unfortunate drawback that data models must endure and tolerate a vast number replicated formula fields to get the job done. That’s not going to change anytime soon.

Two observations …

  1. There are some clever ways to overcome email formatting issues. For example, imagine a script action that reads an email template from a table/record that is fundamentally formatted for clean output that is created by binding the variables of the message with the email template. Then the email step in the automation uses the output of the script to send the final email message as a single variable.

  2. These email limitations are why almost everyone looking to create highly-branded and pixel-precise message content, tend to build such systems using GMail and Google Apps Script.

Thank you Bill for the information and suggestions you provided. I’m not highly skilled enough to use scripts but the automation output is still better than what I can get with Zapier. Maybe these upgrades will be included eventually.

Thanks for the suggestion Kamille. Unfortunately, I don’t know much about scripting. And considering that I handle these tasks as a volunteer I think I will have to stick with things the way they are. :wink: