Automations limit too low

I just want to comment that the 25 automation limit per base even at pro and above level is pretty weak. I was initially excited to roll some glue factory (Zapier) automations to Airtable, but quickly realized how limited this could be. With a pro account with Zapier, automations are unlimited. This helps when you just want to do little things like you might in Airtable (simply updating field or sending confirmation emails.

I think @Bill.French had some good points about this in another string. Pricing and usage limits for automations

I know automations are new so maybe you want to tweak first and that is great, but we need this lifted soon if you want more adoption.


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An arbitrary count limit is also confusing to most users. Why 25? Why not 30? or 31?

FWIW, I have been able to breach this limit by simply building automation processes largely in script with business logic and other elements of the data itself serving to “overload” the automation. This approach allows you create a single automation process that handles more than one processing objective. I have some that perform 20 different processes but all live under a single process. But again, why must we be forced to resort to workarounds like this?