Automations Not pulling Values from Table

Hey AirTable Community!

I am having trouble with Automations. I have my trigger (When a new record is created).
When selecting my Action (send an email), I select all the fields I want to display on the email, but when I test it, it’s only pulling certain values, but most of them are left blank, even though the cell has actual information on it (linked from another record & tab)

Any solutions to solve this? Thanks!

Unfortunately, the “New Record is Created” trigger is designed to trigger AS SOON AS THE RECORD IS CREATED, meaning that it usually triggers on a blank record (or, in your case, a mostly-blank record).

Therefore, the “New Record is Created” trigger is only useful for form submissions — or for typing in “default values” into blank records.

So, you’ll need to use one of the other triggers instead.

Hi Scott!

I am aware of this, so what I do it actually copy and paste a line item that has all of the information filled out, it it’s pasted instantly, but still get blank values.

Why don’t you post screenshots of your automation, so we can see how it is setup.

Here you go!

You guys are wonderful! I was pulling my hair out trying to understand why data was not inserting into a notification email action from a new record trigger. It work fine in testing but when I ran it by manually creating a new record (+ in table) the email had blank values.
Your comment that the trigger fired on the + when the record was blank was the answer. When I used a form to create the record, all the form values inserted into the email.
Have a great weekend! You made my day :slight_smile:

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What are the field types of the blank fields? If they are calculated fields, such as formula fields, lookups, or roll ups, they technically can be blank when you first create the record, even when you create the record by duplicating an existing record. This is because it takes time for the calculations to occur and produce a value.

@Richard_Cawthorn Welcome to the Airtable community!

Thank you for posting that you found the answer to your problem. Some community members volunteer a lot of effort into answering questions and it is always nice to hear that our answers help more than just the original poster.

Apparently, I needed the Pro version in order for AT notifications to work.
When I tried the same process with Gmail notifications, it worked fine.

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