Automations: Record URL not viewable by collaborators

  1. I add a the field Record URL to the body of an email (Automation task)
  2. The email is sent to a collaborator
  3. When the collaborator clicks on the link they get a blank page

I have shared the workspace and base with the collaborator. How do I resolve this issue?

Does the record URL in the body of the email work for you when you click on it?

If so, make sure that your collaborator is logged into Airtable with the exact same email address that you shared your base with. And they should also try standard troubleshooting techniques, like clearing their browser’s cache, trying a different web browser, etc.

Yes the URL works for me. All collaborators have accepted the initial workspace invite via email.
Also, they are receiving the automation email, upon clicking the link the page will not render.
If I send Airtable links to them manually in an email they can open without limitations

Have you compared the link in the automated email to the link that you manually send them? It might not be encoding or showing the URL in the same way. In other words, it might not be the same URL.

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