Automations test failed "Worksheet must have at least one non-header row to test."


I want to set up automations but ran into an issue I don’t know how to fix (see screen shot attached)

I have no idea how to create a non-header row in the Airtable worksheet. I also thought rows in Airtable are called records?

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It doesn’t look like its asking you to create a row in Airtable, it sounds like you need test data in the Google Sheet you’re linking to. So underneath the first row which will have your headers, add some data to the next row underneath it.

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It should say spreadsheet and not worksheet then.

Terminology-wise, spreadsheet is the term Google uses to refer to the whole thing; the Automation interface uses the term correctly. Google calls individual tabs “sheets”, so if a change should be made to the Automation interface, “Worksheet” should instead be “Sheet”.

And “worksheet” is not a term Airtable uses to describe any part of its service so I don’t think they believed it to be confusing. The correlated term would be “view”, and spreadsheet would be “table”.

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