Automations to sync fields in 2 separate tables (in same base)

I have two separate tables… contact list (table A) and an interaction log (table B).

I’m trying to get a ‘date’ field from table B to be auto populated to the respective contact name in Table A. I have it already set up to link the table B record to a field in table A, but I need the date added to a separate field so that I can use the calendar view…

I was able to create the automation – when a record is created in Table B, the action is set to create record in table A. but I don’t want to create a new record in table A (just need it to update a record)


That’s why the “Update record” and “Create record” action steps are separate: one updates an existing record and one creates a new record. That being said…

If you’re already linking contacts to interactions, and you presumably want the date the “interaction” record was created to be added to the linked contact record, is there a reason why you are using an Automation instead of a Rollup field?

It sounds like you could just:

  • Add a Created Time field to Table B
  • Add a Rollup field to Table A that finds pointed to that^ field and uses the MAX(values) aggregation
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Not sure what a rollup field is or how to set up it up. I’ve only been using Airtable for about a week. So I’m a total newbie with all of the functions

You may benefit greatly from watching my free Airtable training video, Learning Airtable.

I actually don’t cover rollup fields in my training video, but I do cover lookup fields — and from there, you will be able to more easily understand rollup fields:

thank you for sharing this. I’ll take a look. Would you recommend rollup fields over automation as well?

Right, what you want to do is what @Kamille_Parks said above.

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