Autonumber Reset Back to 1, Daily



I’m fairly new to Airtable and still finding my way around. I want to incorporate an autonumber column to track daily orders, but want the number to reset back to 1 every day.

Is there a smart way to do this? I know the autonumber column can’t do this, but perhaps I can use a function as a workaround? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


Probably the most clean way to do this is have a second table (with the date for example) that you use as a link in your order records. Then add a ‘correction’ number field to the parent date table too.

In your orders table simply select the date from your second table, do a lookup to the correction field and subtract it from the auto number with a function.

This way you would only have to add a correction value once a day.


Thanks I appreciate the help! I was hoping to fully automate, but maybe this will work fine :slight_smile: