Autopopulate If Empty

Hey AirTable community!

I want to to autopopulate a field (specifically a single select field, but this query could apply more broadly to other field types as well) with “No” if “Yes” is not selected.

I have a massive data set with “Yes” sprinkled throughout that field type. I know I could filter to show blanks and manually select “No” and click+drag, but I will be continually adding new records and I want the preset for this field to be “No.”

Any solutions??

Hi @Jesse_Gibson - the single select field type doesn’t have a default so you can’t solve it in this way. You need a formula, but a field can’t be a formula and something else at the same time. The workaround is to create a new field (a formula) that can show “yes” or “no” based on your single select field:

The formula is:

IF({Yes/No} = 'Yes', 'Yes', 'No')

Does this work for your scenario?


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