Autosuggest from existing field values


I have a field where many of the entries are repeated multiple times (e.g. Management; Maintenance; Utilities) but there are also a lot of one-off values (e.g. Emergency Repair), so it’s not suitable for a Single Select field type. What would be handy is if, as I start typing, AirTable could auto-suggest based on existing entries in that field. So, as I type ‘ma’ it would suggest ‘Management’ and ‘Maintenance’. I can either click on one or carry on typing if it’s a new value.


Roy, I think that is just what Airtable does when you already created a Multiple Select field. When Airtable sees values like Management and Maintenance, it will narrow down the content of the options when you type Ma. Like you said, Airtable suggests the 2 values.
You can pick a value with the cursor, or click on them, or just hit enter. Or you may type a new value.



Ah yes - of course! Thanks for pointing that out!