AVAIL or NOT AVAIL Music Artist Booking

I would like to send out a view of a base for a variety of music artist to inform me if they are AVAIL or NOT AVAIL or MAYBE on a particular date. I don’t want artists to see other artists I am asking the same.
In google sheets I have it set up like this for my view - where I see all artists names and their availability.

In left column I have dates:
Friday, Jan 1
Sat, Jan 2
Sun, Jan 3

Across the top first row I have artist names:
NAME 1, NAME 2, NAME 3, etc.

The google sheet grid then provides me with a view of all dates and all artists available or not available.

I do this manually, and would like to send a SHARED VIEW to artist managers without them seeing other artist names, AND I would like them to simply input by drop down or check box - AVAIL, NOT AVAIL, or MAYBE

Can this be done with airtable by sharing a link but giving recipient ability to input AVAIL or NOT AVAIL without making them collaborators? Thanks so much for any help.

Welcome to the community, @Philip_Rothschild! :smiley: Sorry that you haven’t had a response on this before now. How many artists are we talking about? I can think of a few ways to do this, but some might become unwieldy if you have a large artist pool.

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