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So I’ve recently started to work with Airtable and now tbh I’ve stucked in one place. So as an initial model i’ve decided to use the CRM template. In my opportunities table I wanted to add functionality which will allow three of my team members to rate/assess the opportunity. Sure, i can make three separate fields (rating fields) but it will not look good (as I will need to create fourth one for the average). So my question is - how to do it via separate table? My initial thought was to create new table (let’s call it Scoring) where the first column is a formula-based average, next three are rating fields and somehow i need to add there a list of my opportunities from the first (opportunities table). But i have no idea how to do it. Any tips on that?

Because when I do it this way, on my opportunities table in a single row after double click i see all other row ratings, which is weird…

You could make a “scoring” table with linked records. This table would have three fields:

  • a link to a record in the opportunities table
  • a collaborator field (to indicate the team member giving the rating)
  • a rating field (to specify that person’s rating)

Then in the opportunities table, have a rollup field that gives the average of the rating. You may also want a count field to check if all three have indicated a rating.

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