Average values of single select field gives NaN

Hi all!

I need help in calculating the average value of a single select field. I tried the count(values) and it works. However, AVERAGE(values) gives me NaN.

In the image 2, I’ve created a roll up field of the linked records

An alternative to this is creating a field in the first table with the formula VALUE(Strategy - Top Ten Targets (Pitch 1)) and then using the roll up function on that field and works! But I want to know whether it can calculate the average just by changing the formula in the roll up field.

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the community, @Shruthi_Krishnan!

It can’t get the average because a single select field is a text-based field instead of a number-based field.

If your values don’t go beyond 10, I would recommend changing that field to a “Rating” field, which will give you a similar ease-of-use as a single select field.


It works! Thank you @ScottWorld

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