Badge system w/in training program

Hello community!

I’m trying to implement a simple badge system within an volunteer program. Basically, when volunteers pass certain checkpoints I’d like to award them a badge e.g.

  • ran workshop X >> badge 1
  • ten total workshops >> badge 2

The pivot table extension creates a visualization of what I want to do where… row = volunteer name and columns = count of each workshop

But I want this to perform this calculation within the base itself (perhaps using arrays in a formula field?) with badges being awarded via once certain conditions are satisfied.

If there’s anyone out there that thinks they might be able to help but don’t yet have enough information pls let me know and I would be happy to try and explain further.

Thanks very much,

Hi Matthew! Could you share some screenshots of how your base so that I can provide a suggestion based on your setup?

In the meantime, I’ve thrown up an example here where I assume that you’ve got a Volunteer table and a Workshop table, and that the workshop records are linked to the volunteer records

From there, we use a Count field to get the number of workshops, and a formula field to display the badges that they’ve earned

To view the formulas, you can duplicate the base by clicking the title of the base at the top of the screen, then the three horizontal dots on the right, and then the “Duplicate Base” button

Lemme know if you have any questions!

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We’re trying to do something similar in our makerspace but having a hard time making it work.
We issue ‘ability badges’ to students which include spaces for visual ‘stamps’. When a student is trained on a particular tool, they get a stamp for that tool.
The relation of students to tools is many:many, so we have a table with records for each ‘training event’. A training event consists of a date, an instructor, one or more students, and a tool.
So far so good, but how do we build a view that shows all of a student’s stamps? The stamps are attachments which are a little hard to work with.

Thanks @Adam_TheTimeSavingCo I think you have me part the way there. My base is structured a little different to what you suggested, so here are those screenshots

Volunteers are linked to workshops by a table called Match. This Match table is how volunteers assign themselves to workshops by submitting a form.

Your formula would certainly work for calculating workshop totals. The tricky thing is to also assign badges based on subtotals specific to each individual workshop.

Alex has done 9 CSI and 4 Outbreak workshops and is due some badges.

Volunteers and coordinators would track badges through the Volunteer table.

My hunch is that an automation is way to go e.g. IF conditions in Match table satisfied THEN create link to Volunteer in Badge table.

@Luke_Jaeger I see where you are coming from but that is a little down the road for me. Displaying badge images to a volunteer in a pleasing way is the endgame.

Really appreciate the help!

Hi Matthew, thanks for the screenshots and the details!

Yeah that’d work. Triggers when a new record gets created in the Match table, and does a Find Record action to look for all the workshops by that person of that type (e.g. all CSI), and then do a conditional update based on that

I’ve put something together here that I think does what you want, but without the automations though

The idea is we create a Count field per workshop type with conditionals, and we use that data to populate the badges. Instead of the badges being linked records, this would just be text though

If you really wanted them to be linked records, we could add an automation that would do that, and if nothing else it would vastly reduce the number of automation runs you needed to achieve the same result I think

Hi Luke, feel free to send me a private message if you’d like to talk about this! If you could include some screenshots of your base that’d be super helpful for me too

Hi @Adam_TheTimeSavingCo, thank you very much for suggesting a solution for this. I’ve definitely got more of an idea of what to do now. All the best,

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