Bar Code Scanner not available in Google Play Store


Checking out the free version of Airtable. Went to install the barcode scanner but it says not available???


I have the same issue on a Galaxy S9 and Note 8 both running android 8.0.0

Step 1: We go to the base entry that we want to scan the barcode into and click the camera icon.

Step 2: We click “Yes” to the prompt that asks whether or not we want to install “Barcode Scanner”

Step 3: We are taken to a google play store page that does not exist. At this step, clicking retry doesn’t do anything.


I emailed the support team this morning - no reply as of yet.


Hey Community! :wave: Our engineers are aware of this bug and are working on a fix right now.


I tap Yes, it brings me to Play Store and I see Item not found and retry button.
its 2019, can anyone recommend a campanion android app to be able to scan barcodes?

Barcode/QR support in Mobile app(s)