Barcode Scanner Compatibility

Hi, I’ve been working with airtable the last few weeks, trying to eliminate the use of our access client database. At the moment, we have a barcode messaging system that allows clients to scan a barcode and show any messages we may have for them.

We want to have a barcode scanner connected to a tablet, and I know the IOS app utilizes the camera as a scanner. I was wondering if there were any specific brands/models of barcode scanners that are compatible with your app. Thank you!

Hi @Cris_Schayer

This might be a good question for Airtable Support, which you can contact, by going to the app. There should be a Contact Us option, in the upper left or right corner. It’s a drop down menu. This would be on the page that has all your databases listed.

Can you post the reply? I am sure there would be others that would be interested to know, since there are people that post about scanners.

Thank you,
Mary K

Thank you, I’ll be sure to post their reply. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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