Barcodes for Inventory Management


Hi friends!

I work for a cleaning company and we are trying to find a better way to manage our cleaning supply inventory better. We currently have a complicated situation where our cleaners need to notify us when they need cleaning supplies, we then move it to a master list, and then onto a distribution list.

Cleaners often will forget to ask for a product and are in need of something so they’ll ask to grab something the day of. This always messes with our ordering process as sometimes it will be so busy when they come in, we forget to mark it down and we’ll run out of products faster than expected.

Wondering if there is a way through airtable to scan the barcode and have it automatically subtract one from the master inventory.


Hi @Sandy_Hang - I can’t find a way to do manage this with a barcode field and a barcode scan, but you can get close to it using the standard forms.

The first table I have is the “stock items” table:

This has a name or ID, an opening stock number, a link to a “Scans” table (see below). The “count of scans” is a count of the scanned field. Finally, “current stock” is a formula of:

{Opening Stock} - {Current Stock}

The second table (I’ve called this “Scans”) is where your staff record the stock that they take:

The “Stock” field is the link to the stock items table.

As each item is recorded in the scans table, the link is updated in the stock items table and the current stock is recalculated (decremented).

Obviously, as you buy in new stock you update the Opening Stock record and delete any records in the scans table in order to reset the opening stock and the current stock to the same value.

Hope this helps!