Base collaborator not represented

Under “collaborators”, I am shown as the owner along with the message “This workspace also has 1 base collaborator not represented above”. No other collaborators are shown.

How do I find out who is this other (hidden) base collaborator?

That is a workspace collaborator. Click on the name of your workspace (above your base icons), and choose “Workspace Settings” or “Share Workspace”.

Thanks, Scott. I have done that and I am the only collaborator. However, when viewing the “sharing” tab, it reads " This workspace has 2 collaborators" and underneath the listing of collaborators (which consists only of myself), it reads " This workspace also has 1 base collaborator not represented above." I would like to know who this hidden collaborator besides myself could be.

Oh, I see… I‘m not 100% sure if Airtable shows a list of all the base collaborators. It’s possible that you will need to check that on a base-by-base basis. From your home screen, you can click on the down arrow for a base, and choose “Share”.

Thanks for that tip. Apparently there was one “old” collaborator on one of the bases that wasn’t removed. Once that collaborator was removed, the overall sharing reflects just myself, as it should.

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