Base Creation and Table

I am the Office Manager of an apartment building with 100+ suites. I have been moving the company into the 21st Century with Airtable and eliminating some paper that is being used. However, I have multiple bases and some items are becoming redundant.
I am wondering if it is possible to have one base that not only shows tenant information (phone number, name, suite number, parking, storage locker etc.) but also the condition of each unit and the renos that are being completed. In other words, I want to see a “portrait” view (big picture of everything) of the suites as well as a snap shot (brief glance of what suites have new flooring, which need complete renos when vacant, when was paint done, new installations of sinks / taps / tubs / toilets). My one base contains the tables for tenants and the snap shot, and I have another base (Facilities Management) for the big picture with maintenance and facilities tables. The facilities manager is great, especially for recording move in / out information, but it doesn’t do anything for the snap shot.
Are there any landlords or property managers using Airtable for such a thing and able to offer assistance? Or is this a redo completely from scratch type of project?


Welcome to the community! You can find our guidleines and FAQ’s here.

This is the type of thing that Airtable was made for. It is most likely a bit of a rework, but essentially you would be using linked records to prevent the redundancy.

Very cool project. Let us know if you have more specific questions on how to set the base up if need be!

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