Base Design Suggestion!

We have so many bases that it would be so super helpful if we were able to customize the color of each a little further with a specific HEX code. Each of our bases represents a client of ours, and it would be awesome if we could use the colors associated with them instead of one of the 20 that isn’t relevant. If we were able to upload a logo instead of using one of the icons available that would be awesome as well.

Anyone else???

good luck on this one friend. we are still trying to get a way to fit to width columns and sort record lists in emails.

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:laughing: Guess I’ll be waiting around a while for this one. It just seems like such an easy and simple request. :woman_shrugging:

if you havent already you should actually email it to
they dont spend much time in here or the fb group. its mostly consultants answering questions.

Thanks so much. I will do that.

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