Base level revision history


I searched through and couldn’t find anything since February.

Can I see revision history for an entire base versus having to go into each record?

View history for entire base or for individual user?

Nope – only at the record level


I’ve 8 collaborators on base and one of them deleted a record (row) in the base. Now, i can’t track who deleted the record as history in Airtable is being maintained on the bases of record and in case of record deletion nobody can track who created the mess as record deletion of record also means history removal of record.

Overall base history especially about creation and deletion is required to use it for small and medium teams.


I know I can see the history of each record on the right side of the expanded view, but I’d like to be able to view the entire history of the base. I would also like to view the entire history for a particular user. Are either of these things currently possible? I’m hoping I’m just missing them…

Revision history for individual users

Did you ever get a response to this? I would be interested as well.


Those features does not exist. Maybe you would transform this into a #feature-requests thread.