Base-wide Constants - how to easily use across multiple Tables?


Is there a way to easily setup and use “constants” across an entire Base?

For instance, the price of oil per barrel might be 40. I have a lot of formulas that depend on that price. In addition, I might have several numbers like this that need to be referred to from multiple formulas - for instance the /mile that the IRS accepts for the mileage deduction, the number of tons of gravel contained in a gravel truck, etc.

The advantage of the “constants” is that, if the price of oil changes, I need to change just one number in one place; I don’t have to hunt through tons of formulas looking for a hard-coded “40” in the formula.

However I can’t seem to figure out how to easily setup constants in AirTable. Right now I’m sticking them all in a “Constants” table, with each row having just “Name” and “Value”, where Name is something like price_of_oil_per_barrel and Value is 40.

BUUUT … referring to these constants is A PAIN …any referring Table first needs to add a link to my “Constants” table, and then tediously create a new linked Field for each value that I want to refer to in any formula in that Table. So if there are 11 constants that I’m going to use in formulas in a single Table, I’ll need to link to11 fields (then possibly hide them…).

Is there an easier way to do this?


This would be such a useful feature.
Cannot believe how difficult it is to do this in Airtable :frowning: