Base64 conversion

Hi everyone !

I am trying to authenticate a request using Basic Auth.
I then need to base64-encode my logins.
(could encode them manually and then insert but would prefer to keep that logic in the code)

I didn’t found how to achieve this “natively” without rewriting the entire encoding function.
btoa() does not seems to work :confused:

Can anyone help me on this ?


Can’t really say what the issue is without seeing the scripting context. Is this in a Script Block? Scrip automation? Custom App? External script accessing via the Airtable API?

If you want to learn more, you have to share the details.

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Thank you for your reply.

I am trying to fetch from a Script Block.


Okay - that’s helpful, but not likely enough to comment more than generally. Without seeing exactly what you’re trying to run through a base64 encoding process, we’re still in the dark.

Given that Script Blocks are everyday javascript, btoa() should work just fine unless there are some strange characters in the string being encoded…

btoa() accepts a “string” where each character represents an 8-bit byte – if you pass a string containing characters that can’t be represented in 8 bits, it will probably break. This isn’t a problem if you’re actually treating the string as a byte array, but if you’re trying to do something else then you’ll have to encode it first.

Actually, btoa() function is not found.

Capture d’écran 2020-11-03 à 16.11.40

Tried window.btoa() as well with no success.
I don’t really know how this function is supposed to work in the context of Airtable Script Block.

It should probably be something else than window but can’t find what.

Even though I get the squiggly underlines under btoa, the code runs just fine when I use it.

There are enough times when squiggly red underlines appear for working code, that if the logic makes sense to me and the code runs, I ignore the squiggly red underlines.


Hmm… works fine for me:



output.markdown('## BtoA() Test');

output.markdown('### User/Password');
let pw = "bfg:123456";

output.markdown('### Base64 of User/Password');
let b64 = btoa(pw);
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Ok thank you, I didn’t try to run it…
I am not used to run the code when editor shows an error :sweat_smile:

Thank you !

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Just a followup note, while btoa() works for me in Scripting app (despite the squiggly red underline), it does not work for me in an automation action script.

This is why I was so careful to understand the scripting context. This is a possible out on the script action side.



But it seems well reading this thread that window. prefix is neither necessary nor globalThis. prefix !


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