Basic IF statement question from noob

Hi - super basic formula question. Much forgiveness please :pray:

So I have a bunch of tasks listed in a base as rows, with one column being “status” that has various dropdown options, including one called “Done”. I’d like the formula to return a 1 when the status “Done” is true and a 0 when it’s false. I have this:


But I get angry red text telling me to try again. I’ve tried with spacing, quotation marks, tried to look up more on IF statements, but can’t see what is probably a very simple mistake. Might be the late hour.

Lil’ help?

Thank you!

You should have quotes around the word “Done” :slight_smile:

IF({Status} = "Done", 1, 0)

*Note: The squiggly brackets are only needed if the field name has spaces or special characters, but I like to use them in every formula for ease of distinction between field name references and other values.

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Thank you! Works great! +10 karma points

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Ah, quick follow up. I have used the above to relate to another formula that I would like to show as a percentage. Is there a way to ask the fields to be presented in percentage format? Thanks, Neads!

Many fields have an often-overlooked tab labeled “Formatting” in the field setup dialog. Airtable will give you options that match the output your formula generates.

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Of course! Completely forgot about that!
Much obliged.