Batch Update certain cells within a view

Hi everyone,

Is there a way to batch update only specific cells within a view? I use CSV Import block to import records for certain properties I’m managing. Each import is many records for one property. I have a view set up for one of many ‘statuses’ that a property could have. When I import, I want all the new records for that property to automatically be set to that status (without having to click and change the cells one by one).

I don’t want to have to create a new view for each property that I import and then update the status of the whole view, since there are hundreds of properties and many records per property. I have a Master View that is grouped by property, and I’d love to be able to batch update he status of all the records for one property to a certain status, instead of the whole view.

The easiest solution may be to just copy and bulk paste in your grouped view.

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