Be less restrictive with special characters for searching


Hi there,
If you use some special characters like characters with accents, you’ll need to use them in your searches too.

For example, the accent character “é” in the word “président”…
You won’t see it in the search results if you type “pres”…
You must use the accents too in your search terms like “pré”.

Could you make the search less strict ?

Thank you guys


I came here to suggest the same thing. Especially when searching for linked records to match, it’s very easy to forget or not have the ability to type an accented character when looking for an accented record.

In Postgres, for example, there is an unaccent function that is very commonly used when searching from text inputs, that strips diacritics/accents down to regular ascii characters. This improves the ability of search to find the records you’re looking for.

I’d love to see Airtable gain this search improvement as it would greatly aid record linking.