Beginner question: In a row, how to total the populated fields (ignoring unpopulated ones)

So, I have thirty columns of test result records in which some students did not submit work. In these cases, there is not a zero but a blank. This maintains an average in the average formula column which is unskewed by zeros from lack of submissions.

However, I want to automate a running total of test results recorded (not the score, just the presence of a score being recorded), so that I can see who is falling behind in their submissions and it really only needs to total the number of populated fields to the left of it.

I am a beginner and assume that this requires a formula of some sort.


I got a simplified version working with a formula field that has a count formula to count up all the test fields. I just used three test fields (columns) called “Test 1”, “Test 2,” and “Test 3” with a formula in the final column that’s like this: COUNT({Test 1}, {Test 2}, {Test 3})

To add more tests, you just have to add their column names to the count formula.

This does not count empty cells or cells with text; only cells with a numeric value.

Here’s a link to my sample base. You can click the button in the top right to make a copy for yourself so you can play around with it:

Celeste, thank you. That’s works perfectly for my needs.

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