Best Practice for same information in multiple bases


Hoping someone can help me with a best practice for the following scenario.
I use Integromat for a lot of my business’ automation and I am happy to use it if it’s the best way.

Personally I can’t write script/code but I am happy to attempt to google and learn what I need (then finally accept that I need a professional lol)

I want to utilise Airtable to assist our HR processes & staff data base management with another staff data base for a particular type of employee.

My goal is to bring applicant details into a basic recruitment base to manage the application process. Then I would like to automatically copy successful applicants to a staff database table. This table will have additional fields for all of the staff details as well as a link to their google drive folder which will have all of their sensitive information.

I then would like to have a separate base which will be for certain staff (conditional on ‘Employee Type Field’) like Casual, Volunteer, Intern which is for another staff member to have access to and to organise these staff whilst having access to certain information specific to the staff member but not all of their sensitive information.

Ultimately I just want a simple way to copy their basic information from one base to another and mirror the data that is changed between the two of them.

This seems like such a simple concept but for the life of me I can’t seem to find a simple way to describe it (possibly causing me issues when trying to google it) so I apologise if my question has been asked a lot or I haven’t described it well enough.

So yeah hoping that someone can give me best case or even what I need to read or think about.


Hi @Ben_Deery, and welcome to the community!

I would take a look at the new synch features.

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Thanks Bill appreciate your response!

Will do.


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