Best practice to get SLACK_TOKEN in Scripting Automation

My use-case is that I want to send a slack message when a record is created.
The reason I am not using the built-in Slack Message automation is that I want to customize the Slack Message using Attachments and Blocks features.

I am wondering what is the best practice to get your SLACK_TOKEN from the Script itself.
Is there a built-in variable that holds it?
Should I use input variable or should I just assign the token to a variable? how safe it is?

Thanks in advance!

This is a legacy method so while it might not suit your needs long-term, you can fulfill your current requirement in what are literal minutes:

Edit: oh, and no code involved, here’s the first example from my mess of a private dashboard that I dug up (notice the token being saved to a “token” field just above the middle of the command batch):

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