Best Practices for Integrating a Synced Table

Today is a HUGE day, and I’m very grateful for all of the hard work that the Airtable team has put into sync. Thank you.

Now that this magical day is finally here, I’m wondering what the easiest and most reliable way to integrate a synced table into my existing bases.

Currently we have the following (3) bases:
Main Base MB - contains source-of-truth table for all projects called Jobs
Consultant Base CB - contains information for consultants
Internal Base IB - contains information for internal project management

Both CB and IB currently have a subset of the Jobs table. That subset table was manually created in the absence of Sync. How do I most easily integrate the sync’ed Jobs table into CB and IB? There are almost 1,000 records in the subset tables in CB & IB that should now use the synced Jobs table instead.

Thank you!

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Hi, in this case I would create 2 separate (filtered) views on the main base and share each to the corresponding destination base.

I would love to see a feature the other way around, where one share would be filtered conditionally on the destination base. This would come in handy when working with a greater number of destinations, as it’s not really doable to create a specific view for each destination when talking about hundreds of bases (yes, this is a real world example :wink:).

It could be done by referencing some (as of yet non-existing) global base property or e.g. a second table in the destination base…