Best practise with triggering the script after record is created

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I’m developing a script that triggers when a new row is added to a table (it makes HTTP call to retrieve more data, and add to the missing columns). I’m currently using “When record is created” as a trigger, and it works well in cases where the entire row is added to the table at the same time through other automations, or copy-paste.

My problem is with written inputs. So if a user writes the data manually, the script triggers too soon, before all the columns are filled in, thus with only partial inputs to my HTTP call.

What’s the best way to overcome this? Intuitive I thought the trigger would work so that when a user is adding the row, it fires only when the focus goes away from the added row. But obviously not. :slight_smile:

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Author here. Sorry, I realised this is a topic for a separate Scripting app, not the Automations… Moving this to the right place…

The Scripting App functions similarly to an Automation Run a script action, but not identically. Its probably best to keep this categorized under “Automations” since you can’t do what you’re asking with the Scripting App and your question isn’t about the script anyway, its about the best possible trigger for an Automation.

Have you tried experimenting with another trigger like “When record matches conditions”? That way you can dictate that the Automation shouldn’t trigger until your fields have been filled in a certain way.


@Tommi_Holmgren Did Kamille’s solution solve your problem? If so, please mark her comment as the solution to your question. This helps others who may be searching with similar questions. Thanks!

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