Best way to build a working FAQ knowledge base

Looking to record and build a knowledge base using Airtable of all the questions asked about our product, sources coming from various websites that manage “Questions and Answers” like home depot, lowes, amazon, walmart and most other online retailers.

I am looking to catalog all the questions and all the answers, with sometimes one question having several answers. I’d like to catalog all the answers, but have one primary one that shows up first, but still mentioning the others below.

I already have all my product data setup for other uses, so was thinking I could just add another table and loop the questions/answers into the current dataset.

I haven’t seen a template or universe example that shows FAQs shown in best practice. Was thinking of making an FAQ table and then putting questions and answers in the same table, but using another column to assign type. Then link records in the same table to give them relation. I want to avoid having two tables if possible, but if anyone has an excellent reason or case for doing this. I would be interested to hear it.

Please let me know if anyone has a great FAQ system working with Airtable.


Hi @Scott_Lusignan,

Im not quite sure where exactly you want the FAQs to be displayed but im assuming they will be displayed in Airtable as a URL?

You already have URLs to the FAQs for each product?

If so, I would add a new Field in the Product List, customize it as Long Text, paste the links in this Field for each product.

If you paste the Primary answer link first in this Field, it will be the first to open if you click on the field. Then you will have an option to Expand the field and see all the URLs.

Not sure if this helps.


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