Beta feedback: embed/share blocks

Our org is trying to stick with Airtable but is struggling with the need for better ways to share parts of our data with the public. The beta of embedding/sharing blocks is a step in the right direction, but it is currently unusable for us because there is no way to limit the public from accessing the entire base from the embedded block view. To make this feature viable in our case (and I think in the case of many other users), access would need to be limited to the view upon which the block is based. For example, an embedded map would reveal only data from a filtered view of the base with confidential fields hidden. Thanks for sharing the beta and hope this feedback is helpful.


Agreed, same for our organization.


Struggling with the same issue.

Yes, just unlocked this feature. I agree it serves very little purpose if you can extract the entire database out of the embedded block. The reason I requested it to start with is that I was trying to build personalised UI for my team. Even this is a lot of work because Airtable doesn’t allow you to restrict access to certain tables (margins, pay grades etc.) with these two minor tweaks I believe Airtable could be a lot more powerful/useful. As it is I am currently looking at other software.

We built an extension that generates a map of Airtable records and it allows you to only show records from a specific view.

Embed Map of Airtable Records on Your Website