Better chat function on individual records

I really, really wish there was a better chat function for individual records other than the activity screen.

This would be solved if I, as an administrator, could turn on and off who gets an email when someone comments in the Activity. But we have content that can be touched by multiple different people, sometimes over months, and the folks who discuss it at the beginning don’t always need to get pinged when someone else is discussing it weeks or months later. The rest of my office are reluctant users, so being able to remove any barriers or extra work is essential to getting them to engage with it more fully.

Yes, it’s too bad that we don’t have more control over this as administrators.

Each user has to login & control their own notifications for each record. They can turn off their own notifications on a record-by-record basis (or disable notifications completely for their entire account), but we can’t turn off their notifications for them.

This is similar to form notifications as well — each user can decide whether they want to receive email notifications for form submissions, but administrators can’t set it up on behalf of team members.

I would email to let them know that you would like to see improvements in these regards.

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