Better Default Field Value Behavior


I’m running several bases that have numeric fields with default values that always need to be greater than zero. I have more than ten collaborators on most of them. I spend more than a fair amount of time fixing fields with blank entries as they get deleted.

It would be nice if the field maintained at least the default value. Functionally, this means that deleting a cell with a default value on 1 would reset the value to 1 instead of leaving a blank cell.

Set defaults on fields
Functions in field Default Value

I agree! I think this could apply to other static type cells as well, such as single select. It seems like a simple thing to implement to allow the user to select a “default” option out of the single select options available to always auto-fill a newly created cell with. This would make project initiation a breeze by auto-filling that “Stage” single-select cell with the “New” or “Incomplete” or whatever first stage option you might have.