Better interface to design a view

When we were using Microsoft Access it had really simple Design View interface on a table to manage the table structure, ordering fields, adding new fields, setting the datatype etc. I’m not looking for all the same functionality but I’m reminded of it when using Airtable managing views on field-heavy tables.

Managing the fields on these tables via the Hide Fields dropdown menu is slow and clumsy and my browser freezes when I’m pulling fields up/down the list. With the table view sprawling horizontally there’s too much lateral scrolling for what should be such a simple operation. The multi-select feature for fields made a bit of a difference, but being able to view the fields in a way that better utilises screen area would be a bit improvement for me.

I would love to see a dedicated design view for an Airtable View. I’d take that over the Hide Fields menu any day!

Just this morning, Airtable added a new “Manage Fields” panel which you can get to by right-clicking on a table name.

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I’m clearly more powerful that I could have ever imagined :wink:

That’s truly fantastic news. Thanks for the reply.

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