Better Layout for Editing Records with Lots of Fields

Right now if I have a record with a lot of fields I can choose to view the data in one long horizontal row (in grid view) or one long vertical column (if I pop open the detail view).

I have a lot of space in my big monitor; I want to be able to fit more fields on the screen at a time by putting them in a two-dimensional grid rather than a one-dimensional row or column.

It would be great if I could make a page-designer view that allowed me to edit the data directly from within it like a form. Alternatively Iā€™d like to be able to specify a two-or-three column layout on the detail view.

Either of these options would allow me to take advantage of my screen real-estate to view and edit lots of record data a lot more easily.

Yes, this is much needed. In the meantime, you can do this with the excellent On2Air: Amplify.