Better mobile file upload support

It seems that has gone defunct, and is no longer a viable option for an in-app file-selection API. @Airtable, please update your file-selection to use a more updated API, device native API’s, or else a custom solution that meets users needs on Android and iOS (and the upcoming iPadOS).

It’s now basically impossible to upload a PDF (as a PDF) to a record’s Attachment field in Airtable on an iOS device, which is pretty frustrating.


I agree the mobile file upload experience could be improved.

I’m an Android user, and I use Airtable to track my apartment hunt. I take photos of each place I visit, but its a headache adding them to my base on mobile because you have to add them one by one.

I’d like to see the improvements asked for by @Jeremy_Oglesby, in addition to bulk file upload for all mobile app users.