Better Tutorial Videos


I am sorry but while your tutorial videos have nice screenshots, and music they are not tutorials. They may show an overview of how a feature is used but without someone actually explaining what is going on they are useless, I watched the linking videos 10 times and am still clueless. Please create a longer full length viseo with commentary that walks though the entire process of setting up a functional base and using the featues.


These are definitely things that are on our roadmap—both making a longer video that goes through the process of setting up a base, and making narrated tutorial videos.


Wondering if there is any progress on this…I am desperately needing a proper tutorial on many to many relationships / junction tables. Please let me know if there is something available.


@Damon_Talbot @Malka_Ostroff

Just wondering if you have any specific topics that you’d like tutorials on? I’m writing some tutorials (I don’t work for Airtable) in my personal blog.


YEP. Creating, formatting and using forms would be a great help. As far as I can see, there isn’t any way to create a “pretty” form. The default just goes straight down the page. Ugh!

thanks very much.